"the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world." - AL. II. 21

August 10th - 12th

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Center Harbor, New Hampshire


Lon Milo DuQuette, IX°

Master, Heru-ra-ha Lodge, O.T.O., Newport Beach, CA

U.S. Deputy National Grand Master General, O.T.O.

Archbishop, E.G.C.

Brother DuQuette was initiated Minerval November 15, 1975 EV by Hymenaeus Alpha, 777, IX° (Grady L. McMurtry), and Soror Meral IX° (Phyllis Seckler), and has been an active member and officer of Ordo Templi Orientis since that date.

He was elevated to the Ninth Degree by both Hymenaeus Alpha, 777 and Soror Meral on September 2, 1978 EV and consecrated E.G.C. Bishop by H.A. 777 on the same occasion. On January 23, 1983, he was consecrated E.G.C. Archbishop by H.A. 777. In 1998 EV. he was appointed U.S. Deputy National Grand Master General, and has served in that capacity since that date.

He is a singer-songwriter and recording artist. He has also written several books, including, The Magick of Aleister Crowley, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford, and My Life with the Spirits. He travels extensively to lecture and perform his music.

He is married (fifty-one years) to Sister Constance Jean DuQuette, IX°.

Richard Kaczynski
Richard Kaczynski is the author Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (2010), which the Times Literary Supplement deemed “the major biography to date” of the Beast. He has also written Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (2012), The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley (2009), and the novel The Billionth Monkey (2015), among others. His writing has also appeared in anthologies such as Success Is Your Proof (2016), Tarot in Culture (2014), Aleister Crowley and Western Esotericism (2012), and Mathematics in Popular Culture (2012), Since 1990, he has lectured internationally on these and other topics and has been featured in the television documentaries Secrets of the Occult (2006) and Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007). He edits and typesets the proceedings books for the National O.T.O. Conference, is secretary of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis, and serves USGL as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General and a Bishop of EGC. By day, Richard is a social psychologist, biostatistician and research scientist whose 1993 doctoral dissertation examined metaphysical beliefs and experiences among occult practitioners.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell has studied Western ceremonial magick for over 30 years, and involved in Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis for more than 15. He is the author of A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema, The Magic Seal of Dr John Dee, the Sigillum Dei: Emeth, and Of The Arte Goetia. His latest book, Thelema: An Introduction to the Life, Work, and Philosophy of Aleister Crowley, addresses Crowley in three different dimensions: his life, which then informs his philosophy, known as Thelema, which then informs his practices, or practices common to practitioners of Thelema (Thelemites).
Natan Alexander
Natan Alexander is an artist and initiate and created the Star and Snake as an artist retreat and sanctuary. He has been an Order member for 18 years. His work focuses on the crossroads of ceremonial Magick, Tantra, BDSM and Tattoo Art. Follow him on IG @natanink and on Fetlife at Master Heiros. When not tattooing and expanding the Star and Snake, he is often found tracking down rare books, cultivating medicinal plants, and traveling to ancient ruins.
Jean-Michel Cholette
In 2007, Jean-Michel Cholette exhibited his work in Switzerland alongside H.R. Giger during L’expo qui rend fou, an event that paid homage to H.P. Lovecraft. Cholette is also renowned for his adaptation of Patrick Senécal’s novel Les Sept Jours du talion (The Seven Days of Retaliation) which garnered him much praise from the author. Jean-Michel Cholette resides in Montreal and is active in the local art scene. He is noted for his participation in building the Usine 106U Gallery and can often be seen at Foufounes Électriques playing with his band, exhibiting his work, or regularly participating in live painting events.
Halo Ray
This performance marks the birth of a new artistic persona: Halo Ray. In a previous life, Halo trained and performed in ballet, gymnastics, and theater. More recently, she has had the honor of studying bellydance with the incomparable Aepril Schaile. With this incarnation, Halo intends to wed the intellect with the body, to create art as an exercise in embodied, intimate communication. Photo: Cassie Radziewicz
Sib. N.D.N.S.N. is an Autistic Thelemite who focuses their work on creating a more Thelemic society through disability justice. Their motto, "Nihil de nobis, sine nobis" means "Nothing about us without us." A proponent of fully-automated luxury gay space communism, they have presented on Liber OZ & euthanasia at TOTOCON 7 in Austin, NOTOCON XI in Orlando, and at Bubastis Oasis in Dallas. They have also given a secular-yet-Thelemically-loaded version of the presentation at disability conferences in Houston, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, and Dallas. A former Man of Earth Delegate, they affiliate with Alombrados Oasis. This is their first-ever visit to New England
Mary Widow
Mary Widow is a first degree initiate and recent recipient of Baptism and Confirmation into the E.G.C. Mary is best known as an actress, singer and burlesque performer. Her decades of training in musical theatre and dance as well as her love of horror, the occult, and finding sexual empowerment through art led her to co-found Black Cat Burlesque in 2003. Black Cat Burlesque was an early pioneer of the Horror Burlesque genre during the Burlesque revival of the early 2000’s. Mary is now a member of The Slaughterhouse Society, Boston’s Queer, B-Camp, Drag & Burlesque troupe. You may also have seen her work in the film Blood of the Tribades; in productions such as The Slutcracker, Revenge of the Robot Battle Nuns, or Shockheaded Peter; or as a dancer on stage with “Weird” Al Yankovic. Mary is a vocalist, instrumentalist and “Psychedelic Witch” in the rock group Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys.

In her offstage life, she works in the healing arts, and is working on a holistic healing method that she calls “Body Alchemy”. She believes that society tells the average person that they are not worth self care, that they are a lump of lead. Through techniques that involve active self awareness, a variety of bodywork techniques and a commitment to self-care; she aims to inspire and help that person realize that they are, in fact, gold.

Photo Credit: Jon Beckley

Frater xvarnah-Asterion
Frater xvarnah-Asterion is an attorney in Connecticut, and an avid reader in both the philosophy of law, as well as diverse materials including German Ideology, Marxism, Samkhya, Schopenhauer, George Bataille, history of Early Antiquity, Heretical Sects of the Middle Ages, Aesthetics, and Romanticism. Fr. xvarnah has served as an active member of Mithras Oasis in Connecticut since 2010 and is an ordained Deacon within Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. He is an active Master Mason in Connecticut, and past Historian in his local Masonic Lodge. An avid fan of Nick Cave, drum n' bass, and new underground music, in his free time he enjoys painting with oil on collage; Hebrew calligraphy; and reading poetry of Comte de Lautréamont, M.S. Merwin, and Rimbaud, while snuggled alongside his two cats (he can be reached at: fr_xvarnah@mithras-oto.org)
Soror Ouroboros
Soror Ouroboros hails from the Midwest, and in her day job works as a sexuality and health educator and domestic violence advocate. She comes from a family of mediums and Spiritualists, and a childhood where magick was always an option. So, when a friend gave her a copy of the Book of the Law (mind you, it may have taken her dropping it off a shelf to finally give it any attention), it seemed like a natural fit.